With the expansion of the European Union, harmonization of tax laws, increased European-wide fluency of the English language and a general trend towards globalization, it has now become very viable for the European investor to think about investing anywhere in Europe. This also applies to non-European investors who wish to invest in this continent.

The United States has been built on an entrepreneurial mentality, and they have a long history of finance and investment books and online resources, however, due to many factors, things in Europe have been much scarcer.

This is all changing now and we are seeing many European investors creating blogs to talk about their investment practices and share their goals and achievements. The investing scene in Europe could arguably be described as even more interesting than in the USA, since we can find a big diversity of cultures, languages and countries at different stages of their development.

This naturally creates incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors who can leverage the concept of geoarbitrage. Of course, this also includes being able to move to countries where life is cheaper, weather is better or taxes are lower. Not only that, but one could also open companies and bank accounts in other countries within the EU, making financial strategy a really important skill for intelligent entrepreneurs and investors.

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